You walk out the door and see Castiel for the first time, your mind goes to OH I want him to talk to me! So you say:
 A. Hello, I'm new. I'm looking for someone to show me around. (NO!)

B. Hi, I'm new. (Affinity: +0)

C. ...Hi? (Affinity: +6) (Sure that looks good or you pick B and see what you get next)

(If you pick B)
 Castiel: So what?

A. Are you always this nice? (Affinity: +4)  (more to come)

B. You seem very rude. (he doesn't like that lose Affinity)

(picked A)

Castiel: Especially with new students, I'm Castiel.

A. I'm NAME, nice to meet you.

B. I'm NAME, I'll be back later. I just got here and already they're pestering me with all this paperwork. (Affinity: +4) (that 8 Affinity now!)

(picked B) 
 Castiel: Yeah, I know what you mean. Good luck with that idiot president.

A. Have a problem with him? (pick)

B. (say nothing else and leave)

(if you picked A)

Castiel: Yeah, I've never seen anyone so uptight in my life.

A. I don't agree, he seems like a good person.

B. Yeah, I think you're right there. (Affinity: +7) [ends] ( Your Affinity went up 15)

 The Next time you meet

A. You wouldn't happen to have my enrollment form, would you? (Are you out of your mind?)

B. You wouldn't happen to have any money for my enrollment fees, would you? (Right cause you didn't just lose Affinity for that one)

C. (don't ask anything else) (Affinity: +0) [ends]

Once more now with gust-o 

Castiel: You again?

A. Yeah, am I bothering you? (no)

B. That t-shirt reminds me of something. (Affinity: +4) (yes)

C. Do those clothes mean you're trying to be a rebel or something? (OMG NO!)

(you pick B)

Castiel: Oh yeah, and what does it remind you of? Something you saw in one of your cartoons or something?

A. Get out of here, that's a popular goth brand. (Does he look goth? If you say yes, I'll slap you)

B. Get out of here, that's a rock band. (Affinity: +7) (A smart girl knows a punk rock look from a goth look)

C. Get out here, that's a popular online game. (....................I have no words)

(You pick B)

Castiel: Oh so the little new student knows the band Winged Skull?

A. Yeah, I like rock sometimes. (Affinity: +7) [ends] ( You got 18 Affinity)

B. Yeah! Rock me baby, I love rock. (He'll slap you)

C. I hate all of that... (Cause that how you make a punk boy like you, NOT)

 I've only down the first Episode 2 times, as far as I know those are the only times you speak with Castiel. If you've played an got other chats open, please let me know, so that I can add them here. If your wondering I do not plan to put Ken on this page, he easy, just be nice to him and he'll love you.  An though I am not a fan of Nathaniel I will add him for those of you who are. BUT here is the best part When Lysander enters the game, I will ADD HIM!  His Sexy two ton eyes can be all yours!

A. HELLO?! Nathaniel, are you in here? (Affinity: -6) (bad plan)

B. Hello, I'm looking for the student body president. (Affinity: +6) (Good girls)

C. Hi, have you seen Nathaniel around? (Affinity: +0) (don't care)

(Picked B)

Nathaniel: This isn't a circus, no need to shout. I'm Nathaniel, the student body president, what do you want?
Nathaniel: Hello, I'm Nathaniel, do you need something?
Nathaniel: I'm Nathaniel, can I help you?

A. The principal asked me to come and see you about my enrollment form. (Affinity: +5) (he likes you to be to the point)

B. You have to check my enrollment form, the principal said so. (Affinity: -6)  (Don't be bossy)

(Picked A)
Nathaniel: Oh, you're the new student, sure, I'll take a look.
Nathaniel: Uhh... You're the new student I suppose... I'll take a look then.

A. (He turns around and shuffles through his papers before coming over to me)
Nathaniel: Well... It looks like there are some things missing here. Let's see... You still need a photo for your ID and $25 for the enrollment fee...

A. (next)
 Nathaniel: And the most important thing, you seem to have forgotten to hand in one of these forms, the one with your parents' signature. You need to take that in too.

A. It's not a big deal, isn't it? I mean it's only paper work. (Affinity: -11) [ends] (He a work freak, you don't say that!)

B. I checked everything by myself, are you sure? (Affinity: +5) [ends] (That a girl, pick this one)

C. Ok, I'll leave it all with you then and come back when it's ready. (Affinity: -6) [ends] (He wants you to do it, he got his own junk)
(If you make a Mistake try picking
A. The principal asked me to come and see you about my enrollment form. (Affinity: +5)and get back on his good side. In the end though it best to pick all the ones I picked) 

Next time you meet
Nathaniel: Oh NAME, I forgot to tell you, I'm sorry but your registration couldn't be completed.

A. This is a joke, right? (Affinity: +3) (He only kind of likes that)

B. What? Why? What did I do wrong? (Affinity: +6) (Aw he thinks you cute!)

C. ...Are you kidding me? There's no way I can enroll here? (Affinity: -6) (Your over reacting) 
Nathaniel: Awh... You fell for it!
Nathaniel: Ha! ha! you should see your face! So, pretty good joke, huh?
Nathaniel: It was a joke, so it seems you don't have a sense of humor either.

A. "Ha, ha, ha" (sigh) Pretty lame joke. (Affinity: -8) [ends] (Are you trying to piss him off?)

B. Your jokes are really not that great. (Wow so nice)

C. Ah that's not funny, you had me worried. (Affinity: +5) [ends] (Ah he likes that cute worried you!)
An you meet again!
Nathaniel: So your file, is it coming along? I haven't had a chance to see if your enrollment form was around here, can you come back just in case?

A. Humpf... Can you stop bothering me about that please? ( are you thinking?)

B. Do you only talk about paperwork? Are you that uptight? (Affinity: +0) (It's a good answer)

C. It's obvious that you don't have a lot of fun. (Why to win him over, NOT)
Nathaniel: Well administrative work is not particularly fun... I guess I should try to lighten up a bit once in awhile.

A. Come on, I'm sure you can be fun if you want to be. (Affinity: +6) [ends] (He likes your open mind)

B. Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you... (Sorry is not always the best answer)

C. You should try laughing a bit once in awhile, it might help. (Rude much?)
One more time!
A. Hey, you never told me if you found your enrollment form or not.
Nathaniel: Oh yes, I'm sorry, it was really mixed in with other papers, I put it aside for you. Here you go.

A. You wouldn't happen to have any money for my enrollment fee, would you? (ya ask a person you just meet for money...........)

B. (don't ask anything else) (Affinity: +0) [ends] (You don't lose anything so it is a good answer)

Enjoy your dates!